FLAMELIGHT FACTS: The leaves (symbol) :

Recently the question came up why the ginkgo biloba leaves (as some clever people recognised on social media) were picked as a symbol for the logo and album cover. So here‘s some background info for anyone interested:

The ginkgo biloba leaves were chosen for multiple reasons:
Depending on culture, the ginkgo can be a symbol of peace, hope and balance, also friendship, among other things. Among the oldest tree species, it also stands for endurance and longevity.
More narrowed down to the album / project context, the leaf shape with its two parts forming a unity (as shown in  the word biloba), can act as imagery for all kinds of two- or multi-partedness: E.g. the many parts and facets of self that each of us, as a person, holds within. Or the connections between our inner world (thoughts, dreams, emotions…) and the outer one with its experiences and people we form connections with (symbolised by the two leaves growing from the same branch).
All this plays into what the album is about. There’s still more to it, some having to do with secret possible future projects… However, what matters most is what you, the reader and listener, find in it and how it speaks to you.